Friday, February 17, 2012

Budget Travel - Backpacking to Singapore! Day 2

Hi! Its been awhile. Fuhh. But promise is still a promise. Here, pictures during my Singapore backpacking trip day 2 and 3! Enjoice!


From our hostel, we took MRT to Bugis Station. Thanks to the map and a Singaporean woman, we arrived at Arab Street. For breakfast, we headed to Restoran Zam Zam which located in front of Sultan's Mosque. Around 9 am, not that full la. But after 30 minutes +, people started to queue outside the restaurant. Wow. We chose murtabak to start our day!

Beef Murtabak. Medium size.

Mutton Murtabak. Medium size. With teh tarik. Serve with timun okayyy. Kat Malaysia nan ado macam ni.

Then we walked to Haji Lane. Lots of cute shops. But all close, maybe because its Sunday. Sigh. So, we took pictures only. Colourful murals!

Haji Lane.

Colour blocking people! So nice!


So, for souvenirs, we went around Sultan Mosque, in front of it has lots of shoplots. Then, you can borong all of your favourite I Love SG t-shirts (1 for $4, 3 for $10!) How cheap is that!, keychains, pens, accessories, fridge magnetic, etc etc. 

In one of the store.

So tired lorh.

Oh and yes, you also could find lots of textile shops around Arab Street. Tirah la beli kain pasang, 1 meter around SGD8. If you come early, the seller might give you discount price. Macam 'pembuka rezeki' la lebih kurang. Tapi, tak boleh kalahkan kain pasang kat Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. 

Lepas tu solat kat sini.

Next, walked to Bugis Street. Ni ala2 Petaling Street, KL. So yeah, the price is cheap. You can find lots of things here. Watches, foods, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, dresses, bags etc etc. Cheap cheap price. (And lots of people). Sobs.

Next pit stop was Orchard Central. We were sooo hungry and went for eat lah at ION Orchard Food Court. (Stok makan food court je kat sini). Tanya dulu halal ke idak okay.

My nasi lemak. Nasi kuning tau dia bagi. $6

Nasi kuning ayam merah.

Nasi putih lauk ayam & sayur.

Nasi putih lauk ayam & telur.

Lepas tu, pergi Orchard Mall. Yeke tu nama dia? Hihi. Ingatkan ada sale. Tapi takde. CNY pun dah lepas, so sale nan ado sangat. F21 & Cotton On takde yang berkenan pong. Boring.

Night is still young! Off to Chinatown pulak!

Lots of souvenirs u can find here.

But I don't know why tak ramai orang kat situ. Macam pasar malam la gitu kat sini. There are lots of hawker stalls for you to eat. Mainly chinese foods lah.

We were so tired....... Walk all day. Kurus sekejap. Haha.

Oh by the way, we bought the EZ-Link card instead buying the Tourist Pass card. Google it if you want to know more. Just walk around at Singapore lah okay. Tak payah nak sewa kereta apa semua. =)

There goes my day two experience.

Lots more on day three!

Bye bye!

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