Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget Travel - Backpacking to Singapore! Day 3 - Universal Studio Singapore!

Hai semua! I'm back with more stories on my backpacking trip to Singapore! Its day 3, and we went to Universal Studio Singapore.AND IT WAS AH-MAZINGGGG!

USS bukak dalam pukul 10 am. So, as you are a traveller, make sure you bought the tix much much earlier! You can buy the tix at here. SGD 68 per person. And if you think that Express Pass is worth it, buy it for SGD 30. And it IS worth it. How many people do you expect la on that day? Even though its not peak season, people are queuing on the lane to enter the ride for one and half hour. -_-". So, buy the express lane if you have enough money! =)

From Al Junied station, we headed to Harbourfront Station. Mind us that on the same night we need to go back to Johor Bahru. And we heret our backpack to USS hoping that there will be lockers to fit our bags in! Then, go to Vivo City. Sedih tak dapat jalan sangat kat Vivo City, because its one of the biggest mall in Singapore. Go to level 3, buy MRT ticket for SGD 3 to Waterfront Station. And there you are! Sampai sudah! ;) Nak pergi Sentosa Island ni, kalau nak naik cable car atau bas pun boleh.. Jalan kaki lagi boleh, jika anda gagah. Hehe.

Outside USS entrance.

You will find a locker outside the entrance. But not that many. We were lucky enough because our huge bagpack fit in the small locker! They do provide big ones, but its full. We booked for full day, SGD 10 per locker.

As I said earlier, buy your tix earlier, so that you didnt have to wait for the longggg queue to buy tickets or it might be sold out!

Langkah kanan lebih afdal. Jadi..... from the map below we headed to Sci-Fi City first!

Here's few from New York & Hollywood street!

Saw the building wrote "Showtime" blablabla? Sila masuk kalau berkesempatan ikut masa tertera itu ye.

Dancing dancing~~

Beratur untuk masuk yang Steven Spielberg punya "the making film". Cant remember its name.

Dalam tak boleh amik gambar. Jadi, amik kat luar saje lah.. Tapi sungguh best lah. Terasa macam kena storm2 giteww... Try sendiri!

Ni ape ye. Tak ingat.

4D Transformers The Ride is a must go! Kau beratur la 5 jam pon xpe asalkan kau naik benda alah ni. Well, we wait for almost 2 hours okay. Tapi tak boring la time beratur sebab boleh amik gambar scenery ala2 transformer dalam tu. 

And yes this thrill ride also a must !! There are two types of roller coaster. Human Galactica (red colour), which is more exciting than the blue one called Cyclon. But most of people said blue one is more thriller. Opinion masing2 kan. ;)

Far far away is soooo beautiful like you are in beauty and the beast-shrek-cinderella life. Time ni nak hujan so gambar pun gitu gitu je lahhhh...

Black clouds. Burr.

Queuing for 4D Shrek. Look at the people!!!

Hi Mr Shrek and Fiona! Fiona is NOT the one who wears baju kurung ya.

Inside waiting room 4D Shrek. 500 persons per theatre. Woot!

Entrance 4D Shrek

Aww aww

So boring. Kaki dah lenguh der.

Far far away ride. Roller coaster dia biasa2 je... ;) Just fun, not that thrill..

There u are! Baju pink mungkin anak dia? Eh.. 

Around Madagascar area.

Madagascar ride!

Khal dah letih gilaa..

Ini boring okayyy... Member siap nak tido. ahahha.

And lastly, a show called Monster Rock at 6pm.

No photography is allowed during the show. Sorry.

Lepas tu, kami jalan2 satu round lagi...


At night!

Ada orang sebenarnya... Tapi tak nampak. Haha.

Restaurant mcm feeling New York gituww..


Lastly baru lah beli souvenir untuk diri sendiri kat USS souvenir's shop. Malas pulak nak amik gambar barang apa aku beli. Tapi, t-shirt I Love USS wajib adooooo.. ;) 

Dari USS, terus naik MRT kat Harbourfront pergi MRT Keranji. Then naik bas balik JB. RM3 jer. Boleh bayar duit Malaysia.

Dan kami sungguh lapar tak sabar nak makan makanan Malaysia. Fuhhhh...

End of my journey to Singapore with friends!

Pleasant day everyone!

Bye bye!

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  1. Nak ke uss gak minggu depan..boleh dijadikan panduan ni..tq ;)

    1. Entry ni pun dah lama. So nanti study balik kot ada latest update punya yee. :)