Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh Wednesday!

I'm suppose to update my blog with picture since its Wednesday and blogger knows that today is Wordless Wednesday. But I forgot to bring my camera's USB to work, so yeah here I am typing on the keyboard.

Tense right now but try to control it. Feels like shopping laaaa. I know I just received my payslip and NEED to save money. But I just can't. Like seriously. Not that I shop a lot, I don't know why. Oh maybe I buy foods and coincidentally buy clothes kott.. tsk. Alasan.

Haih bila rasa macam ni, rasa mahu kahwin je dan jadi surirumah, laki aku tanggung semua.

Hoh, ade ke nak aku macam tu. Kawin dengan Dato' is okay lah kot. *Girls always dream of marrying someone whom is super rich*.

Okaylah, I'll update pics later la.

Till then.

Have a nice day people.

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