Thursday, January 15, 2009

Need Help!

Me, myself at Chocolate Wonderland

Hey there. I need your help regarding my group assignment. hehe. I know.. I know.. this is our assignment, we have to do it on our own. But then, just forget about it, ok? =D I need your help right now!

My group and I decided to do an investigation on metrosexual practicism. We need more info and search a lot for this topic. We did search, but we just had some of it. So, if you have infos about this topic, do tell me ya! I really2 appreciate it! Just mail me, or give me the link of the websites here. If you have male magazines, that is so helping us! Maybe I should borrow it, eyh? hehe.

I absolutely will put your names in my acknowledgement page (or else, just "thanks to my blog's friends". haha)!

Thanks thanks thanks!


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  1. khay

    i think u should go to karangkraf.. hehe

    & ask them for MASKULIN

    METROSEXUAL always being discussed in dat magazine..

  2. ak tau..
    ko mesti kene buat report writing kan?
    gud luck la babe...
    ak da kene da sem lepas...:)
    pasal sexual practixm tue no komen la..
    may be u can search in maskulin...
    play boy ade ke?

  3. karl: Nak beli yg mls tuh. Don't u have any Karl?? huhu

    Wanie: aah la wanie!! adeh.. Tuhla, nnt try la cr kt Maskulin. hehe. Playboy, I don't think patut beli. haha. ade ke kt Msia playboy?kene order agknye.