Monday, December 29, 2008

Counting The Hours

Its 2234 right now. And I'm still counting the hours and minutes to fresh back my brain, my soul, my mental and my physical to start studying and learning...TOMORROW!

Need to wake up at 0630 and start driving at 0740 (or not I'm pretty sure I'll be stuck in the traffic). Owh, my routine is back~ How lazy I am to be at the Uni.

Need to take a break. I'm so tired returned from Perlis and Perak. The story will be update later, ya.

Happy studying you guys. Nak ajak shopping ajak ye. haha. sempat lagi aku neh.


[++ So Good ++]


  1. khay,,

    me too...

    sok pg start new sem... malas a.k.a not in d mood laaa

    but we have to....

  2. Bukan kite dah buat date ke new year nt?? hehehe..

    Selamat menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa... New sem, new spirit!!

  3. ayuh kembali ke sekolah. ayuh!

    hahaaha.. samat la ko beskola balik. drive leklok yek. jgn tido mse driving.

    studyyy laa wehh.. sik bejalan je keje kao mek. hohoh

  4. Karl: The day has come lah Karl. So, we need to move on!

    Ain: ye ain, ak ingt janji kite!

    Nor: Mane de tido mek. ak segar je tadi. haha. (bajet smgt nk g kelas)