Saturday, October 8, 2011

Her wedding.

Oh I should try the new Blogger interface. Seriously, I don't have much time to 'godam' it, so now I have my free time. Lets godek2!! LOL.

People say this new interface could upload BIGGER size of picture! And I'm so happy to hear about it since my past uploaded pics were all small. Nak tengok pun susah. -_-"


My new entry. I'll write about my best friend's wedding, Norannisa Rohiman with his husband, Aman. Did I tell you she is my classmate in Form 3? And the thing is, we did not talk that much since we had our own 'clicks' that time. You know la 'clicks' right?? Geng la. Budak sekolah semua ada geng maa. You r a loner if u don't have one. *Joking*

After PMR, I changed school. Same goes to Nor. We went to the same school in Negeri Sembilan. Since we r both from the same old school and I don't know many students there, we became 'clicks' and there were other seven of us. So nine, to total it up! And bla bla bla I finished my SPM on 2005. Wah, so long already ah?
A week before her big day!

Nor further her studies in Egypt, and am here, stuck in Malaysia. But everytime she came back to Malaysia, we will see each other and do girls stuff like shopping and eating and eating and eating. #Eh. I remember when I was in my matriculation year back in 2006/2007, we contacted each other only by e-mail since we were so far.  That time, I replied her e-mail, in the library's internet room while playing Friendster. Haha. See, I told her everything from A to Z. Anything lah, she will know punya. We gossip la most of the time. About boys, my ex, her life in Egypt, Aman etc etc..

Cute wedding card.

And now in 2011, she's a married woman! And I'm still waiting for someone to merisik me. -_-. 
Love to see her in her wedding dress and I know she must be very happy that time! Just by looking at her face, how blessed she is!

Well, I can't believe one of my closest friend became someone's wife. Soon, who's next? 

Again, congratulations my dearest friend. I'm really happy for both of you. Be a good wife and take care of Aman. Let me be a 'Makcik' faster ya! Hahaha. 

Lets see some pictures I snapped during her wedding at Banting, Selangor.

Friends from school back in 2001-2003.


 Love love love =)

 Beautiful her.

 And yes, itu Icky (middle), classmate kami waktu Form 3! After 8 years whoa. U r still the same just like before Icky. Did I spell ur name correctly? Huuu.

And I guess wedding is somewhat like a big reunion for my schoolmates. That's when we could meet old school friends right?? 

Ahhh... when will be my time?? Am I old enough to get married? But its not about the age, its about ur readiness to have a family, commitment and ready to masak. LOL.

Post to me more wedding cards please!! Hihi.

Baibai people!

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  1. "And I'm still waiting for someone to merisik me."


  2. hahahha.

    betul la mek.

    duit nan ado, itu jew.

  3. senyum sampai telinga nor hari tu

  4. mestilaa...

    kalau kau kawin pon senyum x sudah2 ye x. hehe