Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MIM Toastmasters Club.


This semester I have a subject on Entrepreneur. Wow, nak sebut pun susah. To become an engineer, you might be a businessman engineer. You sell things or products in any engineering fields. Business is one of my dream in the future. I hope to be one after I graduate this year, Insyaallah. I'm gonna plan something later on ;)

This subject will help me to open up my eyes on business field (I hope). My lecturer is the best. She loves to talk about her experience. By knowing what her life had been before seems like, "Can I be like her" sort of thing.

Okay, forget about the subject. The main topic.

Last Saturday, our class went to MIM Toastmasters Club of Kuala Lumpur. Our lecturer asked us to be there so that we could learn something from the club. I really thought it was a public speaking contest and I was so damn nervous because I have never ever did public speaking in front of strangers except my classmates during high school. But it was not what I imagined.

The receptionist

We arrived at 9.20 am and entered a room. After 15minutes, the room was filled with 50+ people. As soon as the programme started, I can tell this will be interesting for another 3 hours. And it was! Despite of the nervousness, all went well.

Basically, there were Introduction of MIM, Humour Session, Table Topics and Project Speeches. The most horrifying time was when the Table Topics session where the Role Players (my lecturer) asked the MIM Toastmaster Club's members and the guests to have a "Cerita bersambung". Ok I dont know d right word, sorry. I thought, we, the guests will never contribute but only listen and see what's happening. Totally wrong. I know it was only a "cerita bersambung". The Role Player will picked few people spontaneously. The first few was so good in English that I was like, "What if my name called up? I'm totally dead". Tapi nama ku tak kena panggil, so I was so relieved la. hehe.

Ijat bajet cute

If you want to improve ur English, come and join the club. It will make you a different people after some times. There is a woman whom had a very bad English but after three years of joining the club, wallah! =)

Generally, this club will help your communication and leadership skills. Talk in front of people will boost your confident and anybody who speaks in the club whether his or her English is not good is not wrong. Everyone has the chance to speak. And at the end of the session, the Grammarian will evaluate what you have said.

So anyone would like to join the club? Klang Valley has one club in Jalan Ampang, KL. You also could be a guest at anytime. Free! But after joining, you need to pay the fee RM400 per year! Reasonable price, isn't it?

I'm not a good reviewer, but I tried ya. hehe.

In brief, Toastmasters can help you change your life and your career - Toastmasters will enable you to "Make A Difference"!

Now, the socializing part.

In the evening we ate at Pecal Lele Kpg Jawa and headed to Bukit Raja to watch movie - Khurafat.

Then dinner at Hailam Kopitiam.

Nasi Lemak

Somewhat, I look like a matured career woman.

Mihun goreng tomyam

Asam laksa.

Enough said, I guess. I typed too much. Hehe. Bye.

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  1. weiii aku kne join club tuuu..aku pun jenis takottt nk spekingggg.xde keyakinan wehhh.

  2. paani;

    haa marilah join. xtau la kt belah sana ade ke tak club ni


  3. CLUB CAN HANDLE ME *ade kaitan kan*