Sunday, January 16, 2011

DiGi Kpop Live Party. Weehoo

Hi lovely people!

If u r one of my friends in Facebook, u should have seen all the pictures I had uploaded on K-Pop Party.

It was amazingggg!! Love 4Minute. Love them so much. Ya la sampai beli CD original kat Korea tapi dah hilang ;( Screw you bad bad thief!

5 songs were not enough for us! We want moreeeeee!!! But then, its okay I really enjoyed though. Oh hilang sedih semua segala. Tak boleh hilang fokus langsung tengok 4Minute. Amik video pon tak betol. Nyanyi & jerit sekuat mungkin! Hahahaha.

Skill ambil gambar tak power lagi time ni.
Oh ya all pics from normal camera.


Beast bebeh!

Look at the crowdddd!

Oh ya, first performance was by G.Na. She is gorgeous and beautiful! Wow. tapi tak tahulah kalau dia buat plastic surgery or whatsoever. She was sicked that day and keep drinking water. And her English is good! *Impress* She was born and bred in Canada. Love Supa Solo & another song I couldnt remember. Hihi. Besides, she sang Rihanna's song, Take A Bow. Unfortunately there were few lyrics that she forgotten. Pity her. She kept saying I'm sorry.. Then all of us said to her, "Kencanayo". Meaning, its okay ;)

And of course, Beast. The energetic, handsome and I-want-to-marry-you group had made the crowd screaming like hell!!!! Oh, I was not into them that much. A friend of mine, Maimi was sooooooo excited to see them! Haha... Could tell that she memorized the lyrics well.

Maimi & I

Aida, Nas, me, Nad

Performance by 4Minute - I, My, Me, Mine. Thanks to Nad. ;)

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  1. wohoo.. sungguh teruja aku melihat gambar2 tu.. (walaupun aku tak minat sgt korea..) hehe

  2. sgt best okkk!!!!! tgok vid ko ni wat aku tingin gileeee nk g jugakkk.sob sobbbb. T___T

  3. Khal;

    Haa tu r.. Teruja kan!!! Best gila weyhhhh


    Heee xpen next time Ada lagi leh join okay!! Super junior nak dtg maa nnt ;)

  4. pasni beralih hobi kpd join concert la. hehe
    justin bieber or super junior? haha.

    p/s: tekojut tgk gadislensa komen,hehe

  5. adakah suara maimi yang nyanyi kuat2 tue? ;)

  6. ain;

    hahaha hoi tapaya kot gi bieber tuh!

    p/s ha dia kembali!


    Haha bukan.... tak tau ar tu sape weyy