Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Rush

I watched Ghost Whisperer just now at 8tv. I thought it was the last episode. Because Melinda Gordon's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) family and friends seems to be happy, so they went out together to watch a movie, I guess. Plus, Melinda know whom is her real father instead of that jahat-sangat-punye Tom. I glanced to the clock and it was nearly 2230. "Ok, this drama will ends here". Tapi, tibe2 ade lak climax nye.. They walked together when they went to the movie. But Melinda's friend, a professor, saw only 5 shadows of them instead of 6. adoi! geram lak time tuh. I can't wait till next week. Sapekah gerangan yang xde byg2 itu? For those who know this episode, dont tell me. I want to watch it myself. haha.

Best Place to Shop: SUNGEI WANG. My friend bought 5 clothing items for 50 bucks. So worth it. And beliau sgt puas hati.

I need to sleep lah. Midnight oredi.(macam ak x slalu tido lmbt). Thought to save my money till this Friday. But I can't. adoi...... Meeting sane sini. Haha.


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