Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Trip!

Walla!!! It's Thursday... Tomorrow, I will go to Penang! yeah, baby.. xsabar! Anyway, I'll go with a friend, Arina. Kalao g sorang mau x bagi parents ku~. Travel by bus, of course. Eventhough the ticket bus is quite amount of money which i could buy a bag, but then, long as I can have FUN there! We will be staying at Mame's house and I force Mame to bring us to the beach!! Owh, I so wanted to be at the sea, u noe.. =) Looks like my wish will come true.yay! Hari ahad ak balik lah. Tralala~ Doakan kami slamat pegi n pulang ye.

Talking about TRIP. Do you guys watch Field Trip to USA? It's a good show to watch which tells about 8 students from Malaysia went to USA for exchange student program. They get to know others culture, have new friends and family and have great experience... There are some of them which not really good in English, but when they came to US and stayed for 6 months..wallah! Fluently speaking and have accents too!haha. I should go there and may improve my English, aite? Grammar aku pon tunggang langgang tebalek sudey~ =D I love to watch this show and it gives me more knowledge about other country and its fun to watch them! Anyway, you can watch this show at

Buhbye everyone! See ya~ I'm off to Penang!

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  1. Beli kan ku ole2 yea.. Asam jerk..wa..sedapnyeeeeee..

  2. wani: hehe, da blk kl pon mek.. =D

    ain: ha, dtg uma ak. byk jeruk. huhu.