Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Trip!

Walla!!! It's Thursday... Tomorrow, I will go to Penang! yeah, baby.. xsabar! Anyway, I'll go with a friend, Arina. Kalao g sorang mau x bagi parents ku~. Travel by bus, of course. Eventhough the ticket bus is quite amount of money which i could buy a bag, but then, long as I can have FUN there! We will be staying at Mame's house and I force Mame to bring us to the beach!! Owh, I so wanted to be at the sea, u noe.. =) Looks like my wish will come true.yay! Hari ahad ak balik lah. Tralala~ Doakan kami slamat pegi n pulang ye.

Talking about TRIP. Do you guys watch Field Trip to USA? It's a good show to watch which tells about 8 students from Malaysia went to USA for exchange student program. They get to know others culture, have new friends and family and have great experience... There are some of them which not really good in English, but when they came to US and stayed for 6 months..wallah! Fluently speaking and have accents too!haha. I should go there and may improve my English, aite? Grammar aku pon tunggang langgang tebalek sudey~ =D I love to watch this show and it gives me more knowledge about other country and its fun to watch them! Anyway, you can watch this show at

Buhbye everyone! See ya~ I'm off to Penang!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Rush

I watched Ghost Whisperer just now at 8tv. I thought it was the last episode. Because Melinda Gordon's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) family and friends seems to be happy, so they went out together to watch a movie, I guess. Plus, Melinda know whom is her real father instead of that jahat-sangat-punye Tom. I glanced to the clock and it was nearly 2230. "Ok, this drama will ends here". Tapi, tibe2 ade lak climax nye.. They walked together when they went to the movie. But Melinda's friend, a professor, saw only 5 shadows of them instead of 6. adoi! geram lak time tuh. I can't wait till next week. Sapekah gerangan yang xde byg2 itu? For those who know this episode, dont tell me. I want to watch it myself. haha.

Best Place to Shop: SUNGEI WANG. My friend bought 5 clothing items for 50 bucks. So worth it. And beliau sgt puas hati.

I need to sleep lah. Midnight oredi.(macam ak x slalu tido lmbt). Thought to save my money till this Friday. But I can't. adoi...... Meeting sane sini. Haha.


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Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh, jgn tekejut. Saye x kawen lagi. Mude lagi ye. Cuti sekolah neh, byk pulak kenduri. Sane sini. Merate. Tp, xde la nak g pon. Hah, tadi chat ngan Fisha. Uuuu... ade HOT STORY die bgtau.
Dgn ini, Encik Dynamic ku, aka En Fazli bakal berkahwen this 14 december. I was like.. OMG! bia btol.. walopepon, sgt happy dgn brite itu. Eventhough xtau secare langsung oleh bliau, Fisha bgtau pon jadilah. I want to go! Tapi, jauh sgt kot. huhu.

Talking about jauh... Lucky me. I'm going SOMEWHERE this friday. haha. can't wait!! Nanti ri khamis ak gtau ye. =D

Owh ya, hari ini masuklah lah hari ke-9 ak bercuti.. 9 hari baru? lame gi tuh. haha.

Have a happy hols u guyz!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tulip Itu Cantik.

Saya suke tulip. Tulip itu cantik bukan? Tulip ade banyak warna. Saye suke yang kaler oren ngan merah. Putih pon nampak cantik. Tapi malangnye, sini susah nak cari. Kat Holland banyak la. Kalau nak gi sane, baik gi Paris. Paris pon best. Nak g Eiffel Tower mcm Tkab (kwn sekola) pergi. Shopping sane mesti seronok. Tapi yang sedihnye, saye xde duit nak pergi. Itu yang shopping kat Msia je. Sini pon byk barang. Murah pulak tuh (murah ke). Sales plak start 29hb ni. Saye xsabar. Hurm, perempuan, biaselah tuh..

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Precious Moments

Precious Moments

wink wink **

Yesterday, Tirah, Zaf, Khal and me (of course) went to Mid Valley. Reunion kecil2an bak kate orang. Sadly, Wani cudnt make it because she had things to do. And also others like Bolat, Nor, Ain and K-rol, they were not here (KL). So, there were only four of us. Sudah lame tidak berjumpa mereke. everything changed! semakin matang masing2. tapi perangai gile tetap ade.

Here are some pics that we snapped yesterday. We certainly had wonderful day together. Love you, babes!

owh, I'll remember pak cik guard Jusco itu. beliau sering mentertawekan kite mase mik gmbr. ampeh beliau.haha.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jealous Here.

.Jealous Here.
Melihat rakan2 semua nak/bakal/sudah berangkat ke luar negara.

Not semua, exactly. She is my friend, Izzah aka Bolat. dan beberapa rakan yang sudah ke Uni masing2 di luar negare. i AM jealous. time muda2 (eyh, i'm still muda), muda means di alam persekolahan ye. haha. sangat berimpikan mahu study abroad. how i wish. but then, xde peluang. or did i ever grab the chance? hurm, tidak pasti.

So when my lecturer, Mrs Zuraidah told us that we (the student) got a chance to have our practical abroad, I'm excited. peluang datang sekali bukan? so why not I take the chance,right?. but, not for now. wait till I'm in semester 6 or 7, probably. kebarangkalian nak dapat susa. just 5-6 students from... a lot.. haih. ok, i'm sighing.

well2, struggle for success khairiyah!!
Grab the chance when it's just in front of you!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To-Do Lists

The best thing to do during your holiday: WATCH DRAMAS AND MOVIES.
oh yes, I will fill my time with these:

++ Lucifer

++ Absolute Boyfriend

++ Which Star Are You From?

++ Snow White

++ Gokusen 3

++ Unstoppable Mariage

++ Couple or Trouble

++ Forbidden Love

++ Two Faces of My Girlfriend

A very much thanks to Izni for all the dramas. syg kamo!
Ok, I'm confuse right now.
If you are kipas-susah-nak-mati fan of korean and japanese dramas n movies, which one of those above should I watch first eyh? Give your comments.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Having A G.R.E.A.T Time

Spending time with friends is absolutely great. We laugh and talk. A lot.

So, today, I went to Sunway Pyramid with Tirah! lala~ Watched people fell on the pyramid ice made us laugh harder. kesian meke sume ek. We ate pizza and took pictures at ... (somewhere). let the pictures do the talking, babe. haha.

I thought I should grab a purple bag which I was craving for 3 weeks time. (exam nye pasal). Unfortunately, yeah, like always.. I went to the store and that cute bag was not around. How sad. but it always happen to me. nvmd, belambak kedai kt Msia nie. I absolutely gonna search for it! (Gile Kental neh!)

Somehow, hols begins. I have lots of free time for this 1 month and 2 weeks time (so not enuf to me,though).

I have a great2 time with you Tirah. See ya this Thursday, babe! Of course, with others too! xoxo

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


hey there!

i'm new here =D.

i'll try to update this blog from time to time.

feel free to comment my posts!

love ya! xoxo.