Monday, March 12, 2012

Black Star Tour 2012 by Avril Lavigne & Foods.

Well yes.

A little bit late. Couldn't access to the internet. And it is super slow. So here few pictures during Avril's concert on 18th February. Its been a month! Haha.

Ain & me. Kami pencinta Avril since Form 4. Together with Nor. ;)

What do u expect when you bought the cheapest ticket? 50 ft away from Avril.

But I'm there just to chill out, release stress, sing along and hang out! ;)
It was so much fun. Thank you Avril. I've been waiting for you like 4 years??
18 songs and it was worth it. 

A song I recorded. Alice, by Avril. Ain suka lagu ni. Hihi.

The next day, we went to Sg Wang and Times Square, to do some shopping. And we spent our money on SweetChat only.

ABC dalam cawan?

Durian pancake sedap gilaa.. Nyummeh. Love it!

I thought I order Nasi Kuning with Curry Ayam. Well actually, written in the menu is Nasi Kunyit with Curry Ayam. And pulut is what I got. Hahaha. Choi.

Happy Ain with her lasagna. Nyummy too!

Sekurangnya aku update okayyyy!

Bye! Next entry - Penang pulak. Kot.

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