Monday, January 3, 2011

When new semester begins.

I can't believe this.

For the next 10 hours I'll start my new semester.
The last semester.
My 8th semester.
Oh god, time flies.

I'm not that excited to start studying. Seriously, my brain still have this problem to receive all the inputs for 5 subjects I'm gonna take this semester.
Or should I say... I can't wait to meet and chat with my friends??!!! The first few weeks will be the time to play around, shop, laugh, eat and all the silly things I couldn't imagine. And then... Disaster. Hahaha.

I haven't pack up my stuff yet. Its like d first day of school and student should prepare, u know! Oh whatever.

The best thing: On Friday there is NO CLASS! How cool is that weyyy??!

Eyh, I should be sleeping right now. Vacay before u r going to school is not cool since tomorrow morning u need to wake up early. But it was fun though. Will tell about it in my next entry.

Goodbye people!

Good luck with school, university, work and others.

Have a glorius 2011!

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