Wednesday, March 4, 2009


++ I don't know that Jason Mraz is having a concert at Bukit Jalil. How pathetic. [Ala, kalo tau pon macam ak pergi kan]

++ I am so benci nk tgk Pak Gad itu. He's like a stalker who is stalking me!

++ Sedikit marah dgn lelaki. Don't ask me why. And I don't want a "no comment" answer if I tell u.

++ I don't like Leona Lewis sings I Will Be!! I am still loving my lovely Avril sings that song. By the way, Avril wrote that song okay!

++ Try to win RM500 for the CASH CALL at Fly FM. A guy who has won said, "It was so easy like hunting for a guy!". I was like... errrrrr??????

++ I forget everything lately. I repeat, EVERYTHING!

++ Test is coming, and I don't study anything yet. Like always, last minute job.

++ Can't wait this 19th March!!!! =D

p/s What am I to you?

[++ So Good ++]


  1. 19th march???

    ur bf's burfday??

    urs last feb rite??

    mine.. ehem3x.. dis saturday!!


  2. er... since u forgot everything.
    hello there. my name is noure. i'm going back to malaysia on 28th of july.

    hahhahaa ..
    hope u can remember lah. :P

  3. wah!! klu pak gad tu bc blog ni sure terharu gler..
    sampai di abadikan dlm blog tau..
    sure xde mslh dh nak masuk nnt..=D


  4. hahaha, i know y u're pissed off with guys!
    dorg xnk jwb survey ko ea?
    bese la tue..
    weyh ade ape 19th March itu?
    kurang paham di situ hohoho ;))
    baik ko diam jek nnt bule mengundang kemarahn org laen...

  5. karl: Mine is on May ok! And if my bday was on last Feb, then y didnt u wish me!!! haha

    Nor: I still remember u lah my dear.. =D And i know u'll return to Msia this July!

    Mame: I HATE THAT PAK GAD!! I hate him so muchhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wani: Unfortunately, not bcoz of that la wani. I've done my survey oredi. hee~ OOppss.. Ok2, i'll keep quiet.. haha. =D

  6. khay..
    what happen 2 you dear??
    like got 2 much prob??
    story mory..

  7. khay!! napekah ngan kamu?!

  8. hahaha mane ko nk g 19 march ni.
    stil remember mee???

  9. eliya, izzah :: I am just stress out these days..

    eppygurl: hurm, ne leh gtau kao. rhsie. nape nk ingt kat kao ye mek? hrmmm.....=D

  10. aku bongkar disini ye
    19 march - 1901@petronas.haha

  11. p/s: wut r u to me?
    jwpn p/s ak: u r my friend =D
    cheer up mek~
    only time will tell
    bapak bz kt ye dis sem
    ble nk abis tah..xsbar nk abis..
    but, then again..kne wt shortsem lagik

  12. virus:: yah! aku ingt itu mekk!! haha.. xsabao den. lalala~

    arina:: hehe. baik rina! tp skng ak tgh gmbire.=D hah. kao tu asik nk cpat abes sem je. test byk lg nk lalui. ak x snggup. haih