Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To-Do Lists

The best thing to do during your holiday: WATCH DRAMAS AND MOVIES.
oh yes, I will fill my time with these:

++ Lucifer

++ Absolute Boyfriend

++ Which Star Are You From?

++ Snow White

++ Gokusen 3

++ Unstoppable Mariage

++ Couple or Trouble

++ Forbidden Love

++ Two Faces of My Girlfriend

A very much thanks to Izni for all the dramas. syg kamo!
Ok, I'm confuse right now.
If you are kipas-susah-nak-mati fan of korean and japanese dramas n movies, which one of those above should I watch first eyh? Give your comments.
[++ So Good ++]


  1. tgk citer maou!
    aku suke hero dierr.... hoohhooo...

  2. maou plak dah. lepas sorang2 promote cite kat aku.
    pos cd die kt ak. maleh nk tgk kt tenet ato donlot.

  3. hana kimi jepun dh tgk ke..??
    dlm bnyk2 cte yg ko tnjuk kt entry tu, aku dh tgk cte gokusen 3 je..
    agak bagus la..

  4. tgk cite 2 face of my girl fren..movie pje pn..xde la lme sgt..cite die sweet lak tu..lol

  5. aliaa: dah tgk hana kimi jepon. sgt besh! skang da kua kat 8tv pon kan. huhu.

    farid: haha, baik! ak akan tgk cite tesebut!